Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Helping a Sister Neighborhood Out!

Another Event! If your into helping developing neighborhoods come join us!

Hello supporters of Seminole Manor and Lantana Cascade Canal/Lake clean-up!
Please join us for the inaugural "Neighbors Walk Through Seminole Manor" this Saturday at 3:00 pm. Gathering on Seminole Dr in the "pick up lane" by Starlight Cove Elementary School, neighbors will come together to improve communication, improve security, and get to know a little more about one another.
What: Neighbors Walk Seminole Manor
When: Sat., April 11th at 3:00 PM
Where: Seminole Dr. by Starllight Cove Elementary School (pick-up lane)
Why: To foster neighborliness, increase communication between residents, improve security and safety, and get to know the neighbors!

I have requested that Brittany Christoffel or another PBSO Community Policing Officer accompany our small group. Please feel free to join us and let others from the school or neighborhood know they are welcome, too.

Thank you for your support for Neighbors Helping Neighbors Project lake and canal clean-up. Last July, we received a grant from the County Commissioners via the Office of Community Revitalization’s REAP program to improve environment of the waterway and banks, security, and overall beautification of the area. A work in progress, we are hopeful the current grant will cover completing the clearing of the canal, chipping the removed vegetation into mulch & proper replanting of the banks to provide low/no maintenance.

During several community clean-ups, with the help of PBSO Community Policing Officers, residents, neighbors, businesses and volunteers, we have cleared the two Lake Clarke Shores’ water pipes crossing the south end of the canal and removed litter and dumped refuse as well as unwanted vegetation from the waterway and its banks. Though much improved, we still have lots of work to do.
It would be great to have you join us on Saturday for The Walk.

Thank you for your continued support.

With gratitude,
Denise Proffitt
Neighbors Helping Neighbors Project
Treasurer - Volunteer

Sunday, February 8, 2015


Please Circulate. Thank you!
Palm Beach County’s Office of Community Revitalization (OCR) is proud to once again offer the Resident Education to Action Program (REAP), a five-week, hands-on educational program providing community revitalization and civic leadership development training. This program is intended to help residents who are interested in improving their neighborhoods.
REAP supports the formation of neighborhood associations and empowers residents to seek a better quality of life. Through this course, residents will gain knowledge of innovative ways to solve neighborhood issues.
Participants will be eligible to apply for a grant through the America’s Next Top Neighborhood Award grant program. Please Click Here to register for REAP. For additional information, please see attached flyer or visit OCR’s website at  http://www/ or contact Chrystal Mathews, Senior Planner/REAP Coordinator, at (561) 233-5565 or via e-mail at

Wednesday, December 10, 2014


We had a home broken into on Collier Avenue during the day today.  Suspect(s) pried open a back door, took what they wanted and had a car back up to the side gate, loaded up and took off.

This is the season and bad guys need gifts too!  If you see a car backed up in your neighbors drive/carport/front your neighbor to see if they have company.  If you see the same situation but things are being carried out and/or just movement of people that you have never seen before it is 911 call with out hesitation.   If you do not have your neighbors number and there is suspicious activity call 688-3400 for PBSO Dispatch or your municipalities non-emergency police number.  Who ever you call give as much detail as you can including color of clothing, Car info and description of the suspects.  No detail is too small!

If your a neighbor that is in and out a lot or work from home or retired and see anything suspicious please be a good neighbor and call it in.  You do not have to give your name!  Lets all work together to ensure the safety of our neighbors.

Please note that having an alarm system is a deterrent if you have them and proudly display that you have them with signage.  Remember that "Smith and Wesson" are only effective if your home when the bad guys try to break in and take your stuff!  :-)

Thank You and please remind your neighbors to be alert!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Person in Need - Needs your help!

Gina Update! I spent an hour with Gina this afternoon. We now have a list of all things needed and some items have already been donated as indicated....If you wish to donate to this effort please comment what you are donating so that we do not have duplicate. Again Thank you to everyone that has already be generous!

(Remember she was left with nothing!)

A little more about Gina, she was a ch...ef by trade, enjoys reading books especially about strong female figures in society and life, Loves Television and commented she as a lot of photos that she would like to hang on the walls. She is Diabetic and recently went through heart surgery.....I placed together a full computer system so that as things gets better and she can afford internet she can possibly get a job working from home online. I can and several other people have volunteered to move things as needed so please post or message me so arrangements can be made.

This is a real deal situation and as you can see by the list she really has nothing. Today she had two dressers donated for her clothing,, a beautiful chair and of course the dinette set. Chase the Fox located at 318 N. Dixie Highway in Lake worth (Beautiful shop with so many treasures in it so please stop by!!) Donated silver ware, chairs, plates etc..... we through out a big thank you to Michael for the donations and a letter is coming soon for your donations.

1. Computer - donated by myself
2. Computer Speakers -
3. Computer Monitor - Donated by La Sonna Hayes
4. Microwave - donated by La Sonna.
5. TV - donated by La Sonna.
6. TV Stand - Donated by Jenny Weed pick up to happen on sunday
7. Computer Speakers -
8. Vacuum Cleaner -
9. Pots & Pans -
10. Dish Towels -
11. Dish washing cloths/Sponges
12. Bathroom and Kitchen cleaners -
13. Picture frames and art for the walls
14. Rolling Laundry basket -
15. Lamps -
16. Book shelf -
17. Lamps -
18. Power Strip (Surge)
19. Patio Chair or two for small patio
20. Small stand up grill (charcoal)
21. Bathroom towels and wash cloths - Donated by Jenny Jenny M Weed
22. Black out curtain for her bedroom so she can sleep (Has no rod either)
23. Small Night stands -
24. Has Mattress no bed frame -
25. Foot Stool for chair that was donated -
26. Small file box for manila folders -
27. Wish List item - Radio -
28. Mop and Broom. -
29. Small tool Kit -
30. Throw Rugs
31. Gift Cards are welcomed -
32. Publix Gift Card - Donated by myself
33. Bleach and Laundry Soap -
34. Wall Clock -
35. Couple of Baskets -
36. Walker with tennis balls on the feet -
37. Couple of tennis balls for existing walker -
38. Place Mats for Table -
39. Baking sheets -
40. Casserole Pan -
41. Shower Mat -
42. Shower Curtain -
43. Front Door Mat -
44. Rolling Caddy to move small items -

She has a wonderful pot on the patio for a plant so I will put something together for that......Again we want to thank everyone for your help and hope that you will let us know what your willing to donate towards her cause and getting her settled and hopefully they will have the roommate situation solved as we have several people interested including my own facebook friend Anita.....Message back! and again Thank You!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Meet us in Lantana for the Great American Clean Up! Two locations!


*Seminole Manor and Lantana Cascades
6330 S. Congress Avenue, Lantana...

Meet at Lantana Cascades Clubhouse and Waseca Drive for Seminole Manor
Volunteer Coordinator: Robert Waples (561) 909-8708 Leave a message please.
Managed by Neighbors Helping Neighbors Project, Inc.

Or email us at
See More

Sunday, March 30, 2014

The Read Together Campaign

Let's Read:
The Read Together campaign is an initiative of the Literacy Coalition of Palm Beach County in partnership with other libraries, businesses, and organizations throughout the county. To find out more about Read Together or the Literacy Coalition, please visit

If you submitted an application for SHIP funding, please be advised that the County is repeating the Intake Process. Please check our website and the newspaper for a new file submission date 


Prior to submission: Please request from your employer and financial institutions that they complete the verifications included in your application packets and send directly to the County via e-fax 561-656-7553 or email .
Our Mission is to advance community sustainability by increasing economic competitiveness and improving the elements that create a high quality of life for Palm Beach County's residents.

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Friday, March 28, 2014

VETERAN Needs YOUR Help!!!!! Please make time for this event!

Solid Waste Authority of Palm Beach County News
March XX, 2014
Contact: Willie Puz, Public Affairs and Recycling, 561-640-8914 (o); 561-379-2405 (c)

Volunteers Needed To Make An Impact On A Soldier’s Life On March 29
The Solid Waste Authority, Palm Beach Troop Support, and Rebuilding Together of the Palm
Beaches are looking for volunteers to help prepare the property of a local disabled veteran
in Lake Park for his new home. Volunteers are needed at 10 a.m. on Saturday, March 29.

As a volunteer, you can expect to help by:
• Paint
• Landscape
• Property clean-up

Those interested in volunteering to make a difference in this veteran’s life should contact
Joanna Aiken, Solid Waste Authority of Palm Beach County, at 561-697-2700, ext 4701.
Come help out and be a part of something great. All materials and safety equipment will be
provided. Community service hours can also be earned through this volunteer effort.
To get the materials needed for projects such as this, RTPB partners with local businesses
and governments. The Solid Waste Authority of Palm Beach County is proud to provide
recycled paint for the repairs and improvements, and coordinate the volunteers. Many
local businesses help to fund the RTPB program and make it possible to purchase the items
needed to make the repairs to homes in Palm Beach County.

About Rebuilding Together of the Palm Beaches
Rebuilding Together is the nation's leading nonprofit organization working to preserve affordable
homeownership and revitalize neighborhoods by providing extensive rehabilitation and modification
services to those in need at no cost to those served. With the help of everyday citizen volunteers,
skilled trades people, the support of local business and major corporate partners, Rebuilding Together
affiliates in America’s largest cities and smallest towns make life considerably better for thousands of
low-income homeowners and the communities in which they live by completing 10,000 projects per
year. Rebuilding Together has programs dedicated to, energy efficiency, veteran’s housing, aging in

About the Solid Waste Authority of Palm Beach County
The Solid Waste Authority of Palm Beach County is a Dependent Special District created by the Palm
Beach County Solid Waste Act, Chapter 2001-331. We provide an economical and environmentally
conscious integrated solid waste management system, and have done so since our creation almost 40
years ago. This award-winning, world-renown integrated system of facilities includes 7 Home Chemical
& Electronics Recycling Centers, 6 transfer stations, 2 landfills (Class I and Class III), 1 renewable
energy facility (with another one to come online in mid-2015), 1 vegetation processing facility, 1
materials recycling facility, 1 biosolids pelletizer, and more than 300-acres of a greenways and trails
system that includes a bird rookery.